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Importing AIML

by woodco posted Nov 20 2016, 22:25

Just figured out how to import AIML. Went past the 200K limit really quickly. Had to run all the knowledge tasks to get it back under 200K. If I keep importing over the limit will it break my bot?

by admin posted Nov 22 2016, 9:30
If you go over your bot's memory by a >50% it will stop accepting chats.
The bots run a cleanup task every night that removes unused or the least important objects.

Some of the AIML scripts you can import are very big, but not very useful, so be careful which ones you import.

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by woodco posted Dec 1 2016, 14:31

Thank you. I see how much work I will have going through all of the imported data, entry by entry to remove the extraneous entries. I will certainly be much more careful in the future.

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Posted: Nov 20 2016, 22:25
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