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by woodco posted Aug 9 2016, 9:14

After working hard to polish my bots responses I have started working on teaching it a few jokes. I am doing all right but I could use any advice that will help me make it better. I have been using the Topic field to indicate that it is a joke, Then I have the bot tell me the joke and then repeat it back to check the response. It seems to work out ok but sometimes it seems to confuse one joke for another. Any suggestions as to how to differentiate different jokes and punch lines from one another would be greatly appreciated.



by admin posted Aug 12 2016, 8:09
You can train your bot using a "response list" or from its "Training & Chat Logs" page in its Admin Console. You can use the "require previous" tag on a response to give it context.


Here are some jokes examples,

response list,


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Posted: Aug 9 2016, 9:14
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I'm sure
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